Vietnam Veterans Memorial of Greater Rochester


The Overlook


Flag Poles - From Highland Avenue or South Avenue, you first notice the flagpoles. There are seven in all, five representing the various branches of the armed forces, one for the POW/MIA flag, and the American Flag flying high above the rest. The five service flags are flown in the order of priority in the military; the insignias that are set in the floor below the flags are in order of creation of the different branches of service.

Map of globe at base of American Flag - The floor plan is of black granite, a large world map in relief that highlights the United States and Vietnam. The physical distance and lack of obvious connection between the two lands are hard to miss. Your feet and your eyes now create a connection between the world etched in the floor plan, the immediate surroundings of Greater Rochester, and the individual soldiers memorialized in this place.

Topography - The topography and the vista remind them of Vietnam, of the hilltops where they used to wait for the choppers to take them out of battle. The two acres of memorial have been sculpted to create landforms typical of rural Vietnam.


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